There are still PLENTY of tickets available at the door for both Saturday performances!  Box opens at the venue one hour prior to each performance.

What happens when you mash up a famous

fairy tale with rad 80’s style and music?

You get a “TOTALLY AWESOME” Musical!

No it’s not “long ago” (although some might argue that assertion) and it’s not “in a faraway magical kingdom” or even in any kind of kingdom for that matter.  And, it’s not about a girl who needs a boy to rescue her.  Gag me with a spoon!

It’s 1989, in a little place called Kingstown, USA.

Kingstown is where “Cindy” lives with her stepmother, two stepsisters and her little sister, Mickey.  Cindy isn’t like anyone else Kingstown.  She has a style and spunk all her own, and she likes it that way.

Mr. King is an industrial titan and owner of King industries, the corporation that keeps this town alive.  In an enormous estate, overlooking the town that takes his name,   Mr. & Mrs. King live with their sons Prince and Quince.   Prince is a regular, every day teenager.  Quince…is a “dude”.

One day soon, Mr. King wants to hand his conglomerate over to his sons.  Before that happens, however, Mrs. King wants to marry them off to “suitable” partners.  A plan is hatched to throw a HUGE party where everybody is expected to “have a ball” and the boys can find their soulmates.

Come see the story you thought you knew brought to life in a new way!  Be dazzled and thrilled by SEVENTY local young people sharing their talent and energy!   Be inspired by Cindy, as she encourages all of us to walk in our OWN shoes!