The Three Goals!

At ReCYS, we want to make sure young people receive something of value when we work with them…even if it’s for just an hour!  In order to accomplish this, we set THREE GOALS each and every time we gather.  At the end of our sessions, we ask the students about the three goals.  We always encourage parents to be a part of that end of session evaluation.  It gives them concrete things to talk about with their kids!

Goal #1:  LEARN SOMETHING!   It can be anything.  Maybe a student learned a new game that really excited them.  Maybe they learned one tip about how to help with stage confidence.  Maybe they learned something about themselves that they didn’t know before.  Whatever it is, we want each student to leave KNOWING they learned something valuable.

GOAL #2:   HAVE FUN!  Don’t get us wrong.  We work hard when we’re together, but our work should be FUN.  Learning is only enhanced when it is!  To accomplish this, we pack LOTS of variety into our activities, so that even if a particular activity doesn’t appeal to your child, something coming right behind it will.  In fact, a common answer to the question, “What was fun today” for our students is “EVERYTHING!”

GOAL #3:  PERFORM WITH PASSION!  We use the word “perform” because we’re teaching performance skills.  However, “perform” can apply to any task to which any person is applying their energy.  We don’t use the word perfect because perfect is never our goal.  Our goal is to teach young people how to pour their PASSION into what they are doing, and to be willing to learn from their mistakes.  We want them to understand that when all your energy is committed to your performance, that even though perfect rarely happens, magic always does!

At ReCYS, we firmly believe that these three goals can carry into anything your child chooses to do in life.   By teaching them the habit of evaluating the time and energy they use in terms of these three goals, they will be better equipped to make decisions about how to spend that time and energy tomorrow and in the future.